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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Love Life

Love.. some people say love need to be together having something together..but are there something indifferent that this..??

For me... maybe i have been through the hardship of love.. being in my happiest moment like dancing in the heavan and lastly being in de hell like hanging half way but i cant give up my last breath.. For me.. love is something that is not under control

To love someone is wifout a reason thats true love.. When u find a reason to love a guy, i don think thats true love.. Reasons are part of life an excuse to give when you need to give... i never think of loving a guy for his wealth.. as i know wealth cant bring happiness...and love and care.. I might be wrong in some circumstences.. but for me a true love .. a love wif out a condition or reason .. is when you find urself comfortable wif him.. having him is like u get the whole world out of it.. thats where you find true love is..

Having to love a person, i had understand today wats the feeling is.. where no matter he is or not wif you.. u will be dere for him.. hoping and praying everything goes well for him... Though u can see him, touch him, hear from him.. u don't get a pinch of feeling from him.. but loving him is by the heart .. as long as u did something that is worth for both of u.. the care you gave.. and u have gave him de best thats enough...thats worth a million.. to love someone is not having him.. but now i understand is seeing him happily dere.. wif smile and everything is fine.. i would be happy.. Many say i might be stupid.. but if life is not the things of calculating or getting a calculation out it.. If everythin can be count that not love, that will be business...

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