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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Don think too much!!!!

Haven been so long din post my blog.. everyday had been working .. working in dell is kinda fun.. i started to get the hang of it when working dere .. food is nice and work is ok.. i am getting to start busy now .. and i hope can learn more and get bussier so i can concentrate most of my time on work and not thinking things i shouldn think..

Holiday will be cancel due to work and i think i will concentrate more on work this year maybe a small holiday to KL or Genting. em.. dono yet when ... but not so soon.. my plan to HK will be transfer to next year or maybe a bit later more.. so time fr me to earn more money and work..

Gambate.. i think i don wan to think any more on things i cant change and not under my control like past .. need jus to face things in front .. and see things more broad and perhaps giving ppl a chance.. maybe it can change my life..


EY said...

Do you mind to tell me which dept u r working to in Dell?

StrawberrY woRLD said...

hi gal,

me in FSP ( Field Service Planning)