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Friday, June 13, 2008

is 3 weeks...

is going to be a month i am working in dell.. kinda is 3 week di i am in dell.. things are getting much easier and know more people and faces dere.. meet old collegue and old.. thanks to all my dell collegue that had putting the effort to teach me.. the steps by steps in planning.. em.. and now i understand how is de flow like in planning. Kinda complicated.. and i need more time to get the hang of it.. i know a bits of the processs.. and i love the ppl dere..they teach me a lot.. :) and i have fun in learning.. thanks to all my collegue :)

Tomoro is Sat again ... haha.. and is holiday.. shopping time again.. YEAH... tomoro will hang out wif frens in Prangin mall.. and is now my card crazy mood again. i miss a lot of my frens ... in Agilent.. miss u guys.. and i think life is like dat.. is a route we need to walk.. and is the things we need to face.. People and things will passes and goes.. but i hope things pass and grows but frens will stay in my heart..

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