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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Life change

days past very fast .. it like is already coming 2 weeks i am in Dell ... life here is busy .. comparable to my ex company. In this few days had been OT and workin hard to earn money. is life..i had always been in de dilema of many things in de past figuring my life in many aspects.. love, career and all. I started to love my job and the ppl here. Ppl here are nice and taught me many things that i am able to learn.. i learn the cycle of planning and everything .... Gambate Strawberry Gal..

Masuk kerja get a gift .. a gift that i love a cup where i can get a cup of drink when i think i wan to in the office.. now i can have my cup of coffee.. my own brewed nescafe... and no more from the wending machine.. today i remember .. to snap my food of my day.. thats the economy rice i buy.. ikan bilis and egg.. cost me RM2 fr that. Is my meal di.. yummy.. so i am thinking of my saving plan.. if i eat about RM 3 per day that will RM 60 per month so can save a lot minus salary .. in de mor jus grab a cup of milo and a cup of nescafe.. and evening.. maybe bread.. and tat my save up... sat and sun i put in RM 100 fr me to spend.. should be enough kua so need to count how much i can save now.. haha.. i think it should save a little .. hopefully .. thats life now.. cause of petrol hike ..

and let see.. tired is always dere.. if wanna save more buy TVB drama and watch fr a month.. so u will spend ur time at home and no kai kai .. so u will save more .. cause no shoppin.. Working in here is indeed giving more saving,, cause no high class Temptation here.. like in my ex company .. so u can only eat the most i think rm 5 to make me full and when i finish work it wil be about 6-7 di... so no more Qbay and Gurney fr the day.. except sat and sun.. haha... so isnt dell giving me a big saving as i had no time fr all entertainment at night and i am real tired when i reach home... Happening, this coming week is Siong Yeng birthday .. hope she enjoy them.. and her dreams come true.!!! wondering when my bday wishes will come true? mine like delaying fr 2 years di.. isn't tats hard to come true.. em.. perhaps dis year wil come true before my bday la.. dono if it will be too late not le.. ?

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