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Friday, June 20, 2008

No more wind and ice

Starting to wake up.. wind need to go as well.. as I had given up wind..though I love to have wind .. as I wan to have cold weather ..always and windy.. but I always get sick with wind.. so I rather do not want to enjoy wind now.. and forever.. as u know when ppl get old .. the body system a bit poor.. so even u like to have nice weather w/o wasting money .. but u ended getting sick.. so better not ,, I understand myself now.. how I love them I need to take care my health.. better say no .. and to forget the desire of wind.

As for ice the same reason to go.. same thing no ice no more.. I had terrible cough out from the ice,.. and mosly doc will say.. if u don take care it will lead to TB as well.. so is better not.. so now I wake up and stop having ice and enjoying wind

Any alternatives I have to enjoy myself?? And to find something I can rely on for rest of my life

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