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Friday, June 06, 2008

is it i think too much??

Suddenly I think so many things in life.. today both my collegue is not here and perhaps a few days will be holiday so many people on leave.. me no lo ..not on leave today.. still thinking wanna go travel not? Haiz.. think of tat.. is a bit difficult le.. I am thinking where .. Ipoh again? I also dono.. suddenly felt like saving another mind was thinking to travel. Sis is going to Langkawi.. but I din go la..so maybe ask her get me my favorite love dere.. chocolate and perfume perhaps.. pass her money to buy fr me lo.. liquor no la.. of course won buy..

Today, HP tell me bout P. Redang tat had cought my attention.. but I am still thinking of it.. perhaps I put my holiday in end Aug.. still in de dilemma wanna go Sabah not.. dono .. go fr wat is always my questions?? I know .. is jus a new mall up.. One Borneo just up.. so I am going there or planning fr the Aquarium KLCC.. in August and then get extra few days to go to Melaka maybe.. and Genting or Bukit Tinggi.. is dat a good plan?? Haha.. I am still giving myself time.. 2 earn money fr my HK trip.. is it a possibility to support the whole family dere fr a trip.. haiz.. I am thinking again.. so is only money can help… wat way can I earn extra money?? Haha.. I don wan illegal. Legal one la I am thinking.. oh gosh.. now I am getting hungry di.. cham.. thinking makan.. haha.. no no no.. need to have diet plan…

I suddenly think of many things … my love life.. is so complicated.. can it be simple like .. inside the story of Cinderella or perhaps Sleeping Beauty .. or the Little Mermaid.. I suddenly describe my self as a mermaid that had been swimming to look fr something not under my ability. To love someone that I not supposed to love.. or I am no longer dare to fall in love again… I also dono.. maybe .. I had found one.. but just I don know wat he is thinking and all … and the big circumstances that I had if I tell him.. can we be frens again if I tell him? I had perhaps lost a fren fr the last time.. is maybe our time past too fast and too busy wif work that made us lost communication? I also dono.. perhaps.. time can heal or perhaps time can make dis frenship lost.. dono..

After graduate I don have much time to get intouch wif many of them.. jus a few close frens which chat everytime.. and some is sometimes.. hope I can make a difference out of it kua.. dono le.. Hope so

Pray fr it Strawbery gal..

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