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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Penang? where to go?

Raining .. nowadays, Penang had been raining heavily .. is kinda hard to estimates when is rain.. and this few days rains till banjir everywhere.. haiz.. and now I easily not wearing high heels to work.. cause scared very hard to jalan one. U know la … raining .. mafan .. as well. Recently, I had been busy with writtin diary in paper form not in blogging much.. as a lot of heartfelt matters is not good to put in blog ma.

Life isn’t easy anymore..days past very past.. and another few days more is one year past d.. and is already 2 years he left me.. and din meet him den… XY went fr training in KL and my this week will be kinda bored as no more queensbay.. as she is not working ma. This week, carol will be coming to Penang .. so hopefully this week I can take her fr some tourist attraction. I am still thinking where to go? Is dere any special place in Penang? Bkt Bendera…?? I also haven been or go to..Botanical Garden see mOnkeys… Haha.. or KOMTAR? Malls??

Historical places are mosltly in town.. but she is a Christian .. I am wondering if she wanna see kuil not? Still thinking where to take her. Here don have zoo.. Zoo is in Taiping, Perak…other places. I am also not much idea. Penang food? Food I can say is jus in town mostly we can makan all.. asam laksa in Penang Road and Gurney drive .. all de heaven of food is all dere. Nothing else di. I also dono where to go liao. If shopping, em… gp or prangin mall only lo. Nothing else,, haha..
See how la.. hopefully I can know hoe to take u along la

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