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Friday, October 17, 2008

Sushi week

I am still in the moments of thinking to blog my gifts as well as my presents and my soft toys out not .. and it has been a long time I said I wanna to do them but till today I am till ponder on this. At last today, I had make my decision.. to start another labels in my strawberry blog about this.

This week, is sushi week and I think I had taken the largest amount of sushi in my life for this time.. gosh, and is real yummy … and I think I will stop eating sushi den .. since today .. and a few weeks down the road. I am still thinking on food to eat .. but I am growing fat. Today is Friday again and I really love Fridays.. since is weekend and time to jalan. Tomoro wil be wandering at GP again. I love to wander there last time but now er..not much since not much to buy and look. I hope there is more place fr me to wander next few weeks as The New GP Wing will be opening soon .. next month 17 Nov.. it can be seen like renovation in progress…..haha

So work is so far ok.. had learn a lot.. but I hope I can learn more on my life … I am now planning to pursue to advance myself in more things like … marketing and business and many more. Now I am busy wif cards making and designing. I hope I can invent more stuff out and can seell… hehe.. but no one buys .. haiz

Maybe need to do more promo liao. Hope my life is better and better. Praying

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