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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Card Makin

Card making had been my interest now and I had a number of card …and me now is not plan fr card making but on others more big project .. modeling a new 3D card for someone for Christmas.. I dono how will be as I know it would not be easy as I expects it to be … I have the rough idea… but will it generate nicely that’s another matter… it is perhaps can be use and is 3 D as well. I am thinking to do many kinds of card from 2D- 3D but ideas haven fully generated.. and I have a wedding design as well as next year I know there are ppl on wedding so who wanna order guess book can contact me.. I am figuring a big one and a different design and u can custom made as well.. as who would like to do their couple face can also contact me as well. I have also design cross stich patterns fr fair price where each cross stich pattern will be RM 5 per design. I am also thinking fr Chinese new year card design as well as Christmas cards. Anytime u can order them fr me.. as well as bday cards and so one.. u can look at my creation corner and u can find many designs. Haha… hope can make more la.. :P

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