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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


shifting department.. working in planning dep and DLP is totally a different work world and today me is can say is thinking i had different thinking like de past. work is quite hectic here where can consider i am busy fr day til nite. i totally have no time to think or perhaps to update my self with de current affairs.

I am currently busy and busy.. wif my current things which includes my bloggie as well as many many more. Work.. my planning and more. Today i need to spare some time for all myself.. updating my blog.. reading messages fr frens and more. is that wat life should be for me? i am really ignore ignore and ignore a lot of many things in life.. oh ya.. thanks fr ur gift dear.. i love is so much... is yummy .. but sorry ooo.. i din blog them up.. all ended inside my perut di. Thanks for everything u had done for me.. but really very tired sometimes and don have time for many things... thanks fr sparing time online chatting wif me.. sms me even though i bored you and fan u when i am down.. i am crying .. i had problems wif work and all. Thanks a lot dear. .. when i totally blured on my life.

kinda funny sometimes when i saw i see u ..i dono wat next in life. but glad to meet u soon in penang. hehe.. since the last time we met is a month ago.. dono this time ........where we are going le. Penang?? ui really dono where to go sometimes... but maybe Penang food.. wat else.. is dere.. any more recomended? i also dono.. jus see lo.. eat while jalan.. maybe.

Hope to see u again... and again and again. Miss u much!!! and take care!!! love ya. :P braging here right.... i think u know who i am telling right.. haha. guess ur own!! miss u much :P.. don take too long to choose ur ticket here .. if not i will miss u more. Quick buy yr ticket ya... or not i need to fly over and find u liao.

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