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Thursday, October 09, 2008


In the world of today, I felt that the world had changes and things no longer be de same. Mentality of people had drastiacally changed. Compared last time, ppl last time are more to appreciation and care .. but now people are just thinking of benefits .. in terms of promotions as well as in terms of money. Life is no longer worth while as u do not even know who is ur best frens.. or perhaps someone u can believe in .

No matter how much effort u put in life to help and to treat someone good. Sometimes, I felt that friends we mix around is just something that need to pass through.. here comes and stay wif you fr a couple day, months or years and it just pass through… is dere frens which really stay on in life wif u? perhaps frens can be dozens and perhaps thousands. Looking at ur phone book on yr handphone. U may have hundreds of numbers in it.. who will u call when u r in trouble? When u wanna share ur happiness as well as ur down time? How many ppl are dere? Is jus one or perhaps a few… perhaps tats de case. Maybe DIgi and Maxis make this well known where they give extra benefits on phone calls.. Active 10 or somehow like Digi 5 + 2 promo and all. Is this a good strategy in marketing .. maybe among those no u call, mosli are family members and bf or gf. Is dere much frens u call?

That’s life.. perhaps I should live in the world wif full of reality

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