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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bye Bye Pg.. becoming KL lang soon

moving… had made my final decision today to work in KL after been in the dilema ,.. to go or not to go. I am going to be half KL lang d.. haha. Frens in Penang don miss me oooooo… but i will come back pg at least once a month la..how also mus come back see u guys ma .. haha.. jus when i am here u guys don fly plane can d. Life now is kinda relax.. after hand in my resignation.. since i had been in the dilema a yes or a no for few days. And i had finally.. make this decision.. haha.. dono how right or wrong.. but it will a brand new life dere.. and be staying dere and learn how to be KL lang.. haha..Jus wondering who is de first person know will be HIM.. and he jus say.. haha.. good .. kinda fuNNy !!!

So for other frens………………. i will………remember u guys.. er… fr pg frens.. yook ngo hang kai…fai la… fast fast.. only one month … haha.. now quick .. hahahahahahahha….

hope life is good in KL

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