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Friday, October 10, 2008

Frens.. is important

Recently I am interested on many things and blogging is one of them.. now I start to clinch again with my old hobbies- hobbies or aren’t, I cant say is yes or no.. is writing diary as well as making cards… I wan do cross stich but the time effort and eye strength must be very good to complete them.. now my eye side is not as good as I will be facing more details figures and numbers in office.. and eye strength is a lot more needed. I had less msn .. though u can c me online. I jus put there online but I am in my own pace reading and enjoying dramas. I jus completed a drama.. is kinda nice… is acted by Bobby. The story morals is said that people can give up money because of love,.. haha.. and reality is dere? Not much people will do that , most will give up love because of money. I think so… Many guys said “No Money No Love” .. how true is this word. Maybe sometimes we need money to survive.. as long we have a okok living wif happiness shared wif love one should be more than enough.. but if u live wif money but no one cared and love … how will u survive..

some say.. I have my games and PC is ok d

Some say.. I can buy wat I wan.. is ok d

I can go round de world ok d

Have ppl think- ya.. you can accomplished ur goals and dreams .. but at the same time if u don have anyone to care, to talk .. how good is tat?

I have my games and PC is ok d- will u face ur pc or games whole day alone wifout ppl playing wif you or challenge u. Wat are u doing wif ur pc.. online whole day nothing to do when no ones wan chat wif u.

I can buy wat I wan.. is ok d- u can buy everything, car Ferari and all, u can have big bangle like palace.. but when u reach home u jus be alone … and who will u talk to .. walls?

I can go round de world ok d- u can travel? Alone? Will it be bored and exciting.. sitting on plane and bus the whole moment alone. Who will enjoy meals wif u .. who will help u snap own nice pic.. who will be wif u when u r travelling when u are lost and language prob

Maybe many ppl din think how important frens are… perhaps sometimes we need to face one thing fr 2- 3 days alone. No talking, no hp, and u will believe wat the importance fren are in our life

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