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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1-U and NZX

yesterday went to 1-U and have a great time dere.. and we went NSZ.. as well.. but NSZ is a bit disappointment that there is not much things to see as well.. as for me, life is very nice and smiles can be seen on my face.. though i don have much sleep .. but the battery power like always kinda full charge.. one.. mmmmmm... isnt that good? hahahaha...Thanks .. arigatoo .........
today back to office seems there is many work.. but dono why perhaps is my feelings kua.. had not much stress in de work but working happily dere.. tWhere will i be today? Plan is to the curve.. hope i can find the things i want to get la.. if not ... cham d.. use plastic bag la.. hahhaa.. as wat i said.

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