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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thanks dear

Yesterday, u look at me.. and wait me at the LRT station.. had make me very happy .. we said not to meet yesterday as u will be having dinner at home… but we did had together yesterday as well.. Thanks waiting me at the lrt station.. and being me who always felt cold in office and anywhere, u hold my hand tight and give me the warmth had really makes me very happy.. and touched.

Saw your tired face yesterday gave me the feel of worried and seems like I am taking a lot of your time.. and u said “ No No.. You are not” .. love to see de message u put in ur msn.. and the way u hold me … you gave me de feel of xin fu .. as well the happiness which had lost a few years back had come back to life …

Many ask me .. who is he ?? is he xxx or xxx? NO NO NO .. no one knows who he is .. is not my course mate … hahaha…and is seems like a shen mi jia pin .. He will be following back on May.. if u guys wanna c , try to find me down in town of Penang island to c whether u r so lucky to meet me and him not.. hahahhahha…

Thanks a lot dear.. yesterday for accompany me again.. Thanks and thanks.. hope I won give u lots of burden la.

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