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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Right choice

feeling towards him is no longer dere.. and I am now more happier than before.. it this means that life in KL had make me happier than before. Though life here is not as easy as the one I had in Penang but here teaches me the word of “independent” ; the word of “ trust” and everything. I had been busy wif work here .. where working had taking me towards the way I am grown up to talk and to ask about everything. Ask on the things I don understand.. and my heart had open to be occupied by people and frens .. to go on .. I am now brave enough to face the world.. talking and meeting people of all kinds.. that’s what I learn on being in sales line.

having this in my life had make me also happier now.. though job is kinda hectic now a days. I had made the right choice a right move …

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Anonymous said...

Putting expectation on yourself is much secured that on other. I prefer to have lots of male friends but not boyfriend. Cos I just love to be single and happy.