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Monday, March 02, 2009

2nd and 3rd week of Feb

A week of hard work.. getting a room rented and all.. and at last I had means on settling down the whole schedule. Me have been travelling non – stop recently between the two towns , Jln Klang Lama and PJ Kelana Jaya. Shifting to a new place. Em.. a week had pass of working and a day of shifting .. me shifting my things one by one and things by things.. Valentine day .. I had done my shifting and make a day for myself to shop .. ahhah.. at 1-U and spotted a nice bootstrapping shop which had cought my big attention and wasted my money dere.. wakkaka .. about RM 90. The things is nice and special.. Wondering how long I can get to master dem.. wakakaka..

I am now more independent that I used to be last time.. and now things is getting easier for me .. and I understand de way of wise spending and budgetary spending … and a day had pass jus like dat.. and the next day .. I went to Selayang Mall for Shopping and to see Gary. Thanks a lot to Joseph for the help of fetching me there .. thanks . .

Is my record I snap over 400 pieces of pictures and den .. I need to filter them all .. and upload to the web. that’s wat I will do .. as that’s a day .. when u need to struggle to get the line good for you to online. haiz..

Next , will den back to work again.. and that’s another week of working … and a busier moment where I don have time to chat as well. Job has been more and more growing and things had been more difficult .. and time is getting more.. and more less.. ahhaha..

this week , I headed to Klang pula, but not having to eat Klang BKT.. hahah.. and is really cheap things dere.. compare to in KL as well u can find a long lost wanted stuff.. . that’s the place it is.. and a week had also pass without I known.

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