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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Days being with him is indeed a sweet memory and a loving one. Thanks lot dear, Jerry. I don know how to describe wat he had done.. and did but his caring and de love he gave me is really unlimited and is so so so sweet..
I now had felt the love and he turns my black and white world to a multi color rainbow.. not only 7 colors but thousands and millions of colors. I know sometimes my " yam seng' and " tiu man" may make u felt u dono wat to do wif me .. or even making u blur.. but i know i am wrong.. sorry..
i promis i will not called u de word u don like.. and u know is wat ya.. sorry if i had hurt u sometimes .. but i really don meant it.. i love the way u love me, the way u hug me, the way u care for me .. and everything u have done..

Though sometimes i might be scared.. and have negative thinking but i try to change them to positive.. sorry .. thanks a lot dear
just one to say a word..

Watashiwa anataga aishiteru.


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