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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2nd day In Dell

Life today in the office.. usual as well.. today had need to wake up and go to the office.. em.. arriving there at the same old time which is 7.30 am.. had to wake up a bit early comparable working in Agilent. My handphone.. K800i still not ok yet so need to use a old handphone where i don even knw on how to figure on the functions yet.. i don even know my sms had send or not that sometimes make me .. a bit blur lo.. and resend the sms out again. .. oh ya.. the cubicle in Dell is bigger a but than Agilent but height wise.. em.. lower than Agilent..

Today, as well as reading the power point slides as I don have the access yet to do my work yet so i am a bit bored lo.. Haiz.. knowin a collegue today .. and we had chat a while since nothing to do right now.So, will have someone accompany me fr lunch liao.. adn later of the day.. had things to do di.. hehe.. and need to OT..

Miss u guys in Agilent.. I miss all my nice collegue from Agilent.. and hope get a day to meet u guys..Oh.. I haven get access and i am on diet fr the day.. hehe.. dieting fever will begin in dell.. but the food dere is nice.. i pass through and saw few stalls dere.. so hopefully can enjoy food dere.. after getting my tag. hehe.. wat else i can blog today.. em.. not much since working .. i think is not bad lo.. i back home also very tired.. jus have a bit time to check my mails and blog writting of couple of sentences and is time to sleep compare when i am in Agilent.. i can stay up very very late.. now.. is like sleepy always.. dono why.. i think need to get my friday afternoon fr a nice sleep.. till Sat morning.. haha.. to recharge my battery.

Er.. anything else to blog? oh ya... i miss gurney as well.. not usual customers di.. keke.. cant go gurney as often.. as no one accompany. Today also straight go home and oink oink.. di.. and have dinner as well.. do wat .. bloggin.. There comes a day.. again .. my 2nd day of work in Dell..

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