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Friday, May 02, 2008

A shoping day!!

Shop till i drop
wat a day yesterday.. shopping day for me.. I bought many many things yesterday.. bought lots till i haven know that i had swipe my cards as well use up my cash.. but i am happy for it..At last i got a new blue shirt .. i wanted this blue for a long time but i couldn't find dem till yesterday..

I had my fav curry mee.. den headed to Perangin Mall for searching my blue blue shirt .. at last i got them.. and i bought a few nice cute stuff dere.. Where i go next.. my shopping place..my fav.. GP - Gurney Plaza.. is real packed dere.. wah.. mother's day contest.. jus past by.. and crowded.. so went to have my eyebrow trimming .. den wat next shopping.. haha.. i got a card holder from SNJ.. while i was ordering my ta pau from Kim Gary.. u know la.. holiday ma.. Kim Gary is always pack.. so no choice ta pau .. my favorite French Toast .. yummy.. i need to wait half an hour.. so i went to shop.. went to Apple concept store.. so get a case .. a brand new case for my Ipod.. den wat next.. walking to second floor and get a colorful green stoocking.. den.. where again.. haha.. Waltson.. buying some daily bath products and den my favorite store Elianto.. for some make up accessories.. haiz.. is that all..

Not really went up and collect my French Toast .. but is not ready.. haiz.. so need to jalan jalan again.. and i grab something from where now.. ish.. Maggie T.. haiz.. that sghop is so pinky how cant i din grab anything dere!! Grab some hair pins.. haiz.. at last went and get my Kim Gary French Toast and den headed to enjoy my French Toast @ XY place..hehhe

Went home den.. but tiring enough.

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