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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Handphone KO

Ish... dono why.. my hp KO today.. K800i le.. haiz.. thats why don buy AP handphone.. thats wat my frens say.. haiz... wat to say bout this.. need to repair de.. lo.. Today went back to the ship early morning to repair at Prangin Mall.. but went dere.. they say the service centre close on Sunday.. haiz.. and ask me come tomoro..Haiz..

I start to ask around.. many stall tell me.. This shop ar.. don buy fr dere.. dey sells ricon phone.. haiz.. i also donno.. Hate it.. no choice but need still to repair..now no hp use.. shift to my sis old phone first and then i took to repair at my mum's frens shop.. lucky they tell me kena virus.. others tell me is KO need to take 3-6 months to repair.. that shop under warranty say DONO.. depends.. haiz.. but i took there need to pay RM 50.. ok lo.. pay mer pay lo.. hope after pay n repair can use de.. so before my HP arrival.. no more pic taking.. a lot.. so need to wait till my hp come back..

haiz.. hope is ok.. tomoro will go to work.. so will blog more on work.. hopefulli all ok.. God bless

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