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Monday, May 12, 2008

a bored day.. but cant sleep

Today, dono why cant sleep.. it is now midnight and i am still with my PC.. cant have a nap or sleep.. i have been busy for the whole morning till evening ... cleaning up and many things else like cooking and all.. though i am very tired.. and eyes wanna rest but i could not have a nap as well.. i don understamd why..

Tomoro another day.. haiz.. i wonder where can I go again.. a week past and been shopping daily as well just back Ipoh.. and den.. to some nearby places to have a look and taking pictures.. and now.. where again??

I am pretty relax.. isnt that so?? Tired sometimes.. and wondering where else can i travel.. Thinking of Taiping and den to Ipoh again.. Em.. dono yet.. Still planning to maybe i shouldn't plan.. jus go and enjoy..

I was everyday on phone chatting wif frens and course mates.. haha.. thats my day.. perhaps till i am busy i won have the time to keep in touch.. very happy cause i had added a very old frens in frenster.. good thing.. can keep in touch again.. wif an additional old frens.. isn't that nice.. i think so..

Frens. free give me a call.. can yam cha as well... haha

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