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Monday, May 05, 2008

Ipoh Trip ( 04 May 2008)

Wake up around 9 am in the morning.. very tired.. so jus went to some nearby places to eat in Ipoh.. wat they have dere and wat i eat dere.. IPOH Coffee is a must .. so went to Ipoh Old Town coffee and have my breakfast.. Have Hor Fun at old town..

- Ipoh Old Town-

After that, headed to Perak Cave.. this cave is more commercialize cave where wat u see is many people selling things dere..

- Perak Cave-

- Inside the cave-

In this, you can see they have stalls to ask people to write name fr prosperity as well as others . Other than that, you can go see ur palm on future as well buy blessing stuff from dere too. But this cave.. is the most sight seeing u can see.. very nice and beautiful

- Perak Cave view-

- This is wat i was wearing during my exploration of the cave!!-

Haha.. isnt that too bad.. oh gosh.. a bit sakit kaki.. but is worth.. haha. Then, i went wif Junee and John round de town to taste Ipoh specialities.. so nice and yummy and ta pau some back to Penang fr my family.

I think i should have my 2nd trip back Ipoh again when I am free.. haven taste some special stuff as well unable to meet some frens.. and then.. em.... haven visit some places.. come again next time..

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风行 said...

hey stawberrylife gal, how r u doing ? i just heard about it. so sorry to know it. just drop me a note if you need any help :)

rgds, FungShin.