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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ipoh Trip ( 3rd May 2008)

Sat.. heading to Ipoh.. wif an unhappy world of mine..and went Ipoh for two days.. Headed to get my bus ticket den.. which seat.. seat 2.. ok fine.. any where is ok fr me. is de front seat.. so here my journey to ipoh from Penang.. is sucks men!! the bus take me nearly 3 and half hour to Ipoh.. walau.. was tat.. since everyone say Ipoh will take 2 hrs.. gosh..
me.. doing wat there..in the bus ..zzz.. and see the driver drive.Gosh.. 40-70 km/j..wats tat? Maybe if few days when my mood is good.. i won be so gila. .. fine..

i reach Ipoh at 11.30 .. hungry.. and the worst think delay + big heavy rain.. wats this.. playing a fool on me..

i was at the bus stop waiting fr HY. HY and I headed to Fu Shan.. fr yummy dim sum.. din take much.. but is still full..wanna know wat i eat .. so need to wait till i update my food blog.(FOOD BLOG). not much jus bits of Dim sum nia. .. went to old KTM station.. very nice de design dere.. is like an very very old old and very romantic as well.. how good if this can happen to me?? but is impossible.

- The Old Railway statIon-

They have hotel dere.. The Majestic Hotel .. i saw is not bad.. is like having the feel like u r staying in Penang ENO hotel.. but is low budget hotel only about RM 80 fr a night.. is not bad.. but bear in mind is old building so it has the kinda a smell of old old housing smell.. and the lift is also like the early 70s year of the lift.. wat else i can say About the place.. nice and like the old old houses in Penang... like de feel of it as well

- The Majestic Hotel and the old lift-

- The Railway Station Pavement View-

On my way to all the cave.. i was at the road and captures a few pictures on the cave view. very nice cave view they have..

I was wondering where i wanna go.. feel need to go to do something..go pray.. so went to Sam Poh Tong..i had see many things and pray dere.. this place is real nice.. and a bit relaxing .. but life don seems complete. So, my first destination is the Sam Poh Tong ..

- Sam Poh Tong-

There u see.. is nice cave where inside u can see lots of statues of buddhas and the worships statues dere. There we goes.. to look inside de' cave how the view is like..

- What u can see in Sam Poh Cave-

After the Sam Poh Cave, my next destination is the next cave next to Sam Poh.. hehe.. another cave.. this cave is not having much things to see but monkeys..Its Nam Thean cave..

- Nam Thean Cave, wat can u see??-

next, lets see.. buy pomelo... haha.. a must buy in Ipoh.. there is real nice Ipoh pomelo here and i bought some as well.. Here u can find many stalls of Ipoh specialities.. and yummy yummy pomelos as well.

- Pomelo stalls-

Next, driving around Ipoh town.... went to Menglembu.. but i fail to find the famous tau fu fah.. haiz..

- Menglembu View-

After that, went to Jusco at Ipoh for makan.. dono wat to eat.. my frens recomend me Kenny Rosters and we went there .. food is nice.. will blog in my food blog on food.. and the service was better than in Penang.

- Kenny Rosters and the food-

After makan, went jalan jalan at Jusco and Ipoh Parade.. and then headed to ebox for karaoke wif frens and enjoy till 2 am.. thats my day in IPoh

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