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Monday, May 26, 2008

First day work

First day to work Back to Dell.. Life today maybe started up wif a new work environment in Dell. Let see.. to start my day.. as usual 6.30 am .. and den to work reaching dell at 7.30 am.. kinda early.. isn't it? I reach at the Guard hse and register myself dere at the counter and then headed to the waiting area to wait my manager arrival.. so start work at 8 am as usual.. em.. today not much since the first day..em.. reading and understand some documents as well as browsing through the powerpoint stuff on the flow.. em.. very new to me everything all the terms ..oh ya, two newbies.. me and another gal in that department while others there are many waiting at the lobby dere.. The gal is one of my department staff sis.. i think she should be better than me .. kua. .. dono..

Me the whole day wif documents to read thats all.. em.. lunch had wif frens and collegue as well. Thanks ya.. we went sunshine market. long time din go dere since wf SI last time.. den in office.. very cold inside.. so went to wending machine get a cup of Nescafe fr a day.. and continue looking the documents till 5.10 pm.. ended my day ..in Dell..

:P Hope is everything is fine.. Gambate in learning.. hehe..

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