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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

KL Life Week 1

It seems I have not blog on my life recently like I am in Penang is really free to blog . KL life is not as easy as I am thinking and is not as simply as wat I think of. I miss my frens and family in Penang.. and treasure them more as I can or when I am Penang.

KL life is really hectic.. I am wearing high heals walking round the city and suffering pains on leg cause I am going work for high heels. Wearing formal which I had not been wearing for years ever since my first job in Dell. Though sales is my interest and planning and logistics is also giving me lots of interest. The life is KL is wake up early as 6 am.. and back home as late as 8 pm. Gosh.. that’s terrible which I don lead in my Penang life which I wake up at 7 am and back home at 6.30. I then can shop can continue watching dramas.. can chat , can blog and more… and my life here is totally 100% different which blogging is only available in weekends or nite .. trying to open my eyes to blog.i have not much time for my self which I had wake up and shift buses and LRT to work and via versa. Once back and complete my dinner, wash clothes and iron clothes and den is time to sleep. No more de way in Penang.. which not much worries on all this things as there are washing machine to help me out .. and de time is not that rush.
I think my life is hoping for time rush so I can ended in the bed earlier than usual and have lots of energy to work. That’s the only wish I wan ……. Hahha…

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Anonymous said...


Poor thing ... I understand your situation. I think you are better off than me ... left Pg for more than 3 decades and have been living abroad in busy cities ... always yearning to go back to Pg.
Do not lament ... time will make you adapt to your new life yet still love old Pg very dearly.