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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back to Penang (5th -7th December 2008)

Back to Penang again.. haha.. and I am very happy when ever I go back Penang. HAHA.. Its Friday last week.. and everythin goes fine at the office. Today need to go to SUNs for a meeting at their place but me looks kinda blur as I am still new and trying to cope up with all the things they say. Thanks Kelly for guiding me. Kelly will be on a long holiday next week.. and I will be on hand on my own.. handling some accounts.. haha.

After work , my bro will be fetching me to take my bus in Pudu but at last he ppk me.. haiz..no choice and have to learn the way how to get to Pudu in PJ. There I goes.. take the Putra line down to Masjid Jamek and transfer again a LRT to Pasar Rakyat.. and u will reach there safely.. wakakaka…

I had get the 1 hr early bus back Penang .. as a tired week.. I jus zzzzz once get in de bus.. and scare me to death when I reach some small town which I din see b4. gosh.. and start calling frens fr help.. but lucky when I saw Bidor.. I realized in Perak .. and I kinda relieved d.. never ever I will take dis bus again.. taking me round the states.. and stop many places. Wakakaa.. and ended up I reach my home sweet home about 4 am.. and have some sleep and wake up at 8.40 am.. and continue my journey to XY house.

Today, Gary in Cititel and we manage to meet him and cakap wif him this time.. he is so cute .. unbearable.. @ lunch, we makan at the coffeeshop at the corner and met Siao Yue as well. This time, I able to took more pictures with Gary as well as with Siao Yue and TVB old actor, Lau Tan.. hahaha.. kinda enjoyable journey

The next- I went to BT cafĂ© along Jalan Burmah and have nice nice food. One of it is Asam laksa.. which I never resist no matter what happen … haha.. and the assam laksa is not bad jus a bit more sour lo.. Rate as 3/5 lo.

after that, I makan char koay teow.. claims as a nice oishi char koay teow.. had no longer today as the koay teow is aladi become “chau lung koay teow” the koay teow had been fried to long till it become “hangus” di.. so is not really nice any more. Rate is as 2/5….

We also ordered many oishi food like “SABAH Pan Mee” which mum and dad claims nice. Mum says the Pan mee is nice and oishi cause of the mee is well cooked while dad says is nice as the soup taste is nice.. haahhaha… so is nice la… I tasted.. I can say not bad .. oishi oishi as well.

After makan, went to PC fair but din buy anything as the fair is going to close at about half and hour I went in. din manage to get anything .. need to go back tomoro to grab lo.

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