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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

KL Life week 3

Life had been not that easy as I expects to be.. I been so tired recently where I had need to travel daily with my 2 leggy transport .. which is my own leg.. haha.. as usual .. travelling from morning as early as 6.30 and at home as late as 8 pm.. which I still have not complete my dinner. Usually in Penang, I stop to eat at 8 pm .. and now I eat at 8 pm.. so is like breaking up my rules in eating huh.. but I am not growing fat but is thinner..

I had learned how to sleep in LRTs …and sleep while standing .. gosh that horrible.. and calling and sms – ing in the heavy sardine crowd in LRT,, hahha.. is the life at KL.. and walking with high heels and fast pace like running out if time.. they don mind in sardine as long they are able to catch the bus.. and one thing I found out is the RAPID bus ticket can be used for one whole day with one time payment.. which is not the same as in Penang.

On Saturday, was in town and have jalan jalan ..and the bus ticket had been using up to 4-5 rounds.. gosh.. is cheap.. that about 40 – 50 cents per round.. wat u need to do is to show them the ticket u get on the first round when u pay.. and this is used for the whole day.. I was travelling from home to KL central and then to Pavillion.. and later on to sunway pyramid.. cant manage to snap the Christmas view dere.. as is real pack dere… so is kinda a tired day as well last Saturday
I am getting indulge and now learning to find places to crave for food.. and spotted the yummy bak kut the stall yesterday … will blog in my food blog , things I found to eat in KL at my food bloggie : http://malaysianfoodie.blogspot.com

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