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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

whats my 2008.. and wats my 2009

2008 will be ending in 2 days time.. and has all de wishes and dreams come true.. most of it is not lo.. Am I still in de dilemma.. This year .. is a job hoping year for me… from Agilent to Dell and now to KL CSA. All in one year.. kinda funny sometimes.. and can say a travelling year for me .. me .. is travel in Malaysia.. not outside yet la.. ahhahaha.. support Malaysia tourism this year

IN 2008, I had travelled to KL to watch Nicholas Teo concert which brings me a lot of excitement and fun.. and been to see Gary Yap for the 2008 Superstar contestants and more.. that’s happen in March which brings me lot of laughter.. and fun wif frens..

Next is my trip to Sabah .. with my sis and having a great time enjoying seafood and yummy food up the hill and from seas.. that’s yummy … unfortunately cant grab a cup of my fav Avogadro drink from the market as I went back on Sunday and the Pasar tamu haven open yet .. hhahahha.. That’s the place I went …

Later I went to Perak for 2 days 1 nite trip which is tiring but is fun.. went to lots of caves and enjoying Perak special food.. like ipoh hor fan…and more.. :P… have makan makan makan.. yummy..

Oh ya.. went to Melaka as well this year, and have a try on its famous food besides trying many yummy food and many artist for the year.. wahahahhaha… Gary, and more…

next trip is headed to KL and from that day was like everytime PG- KL.. for many times this year. From KL – PG, PG –KL.. huh..uncountable.. for my sis UM entering and more, den genting trip and KL trip with my groupmates, interview and all.. and now.. is back PG for holiday.. ahhaaha… that’s my year of travel.

What I buy this year.. Gosh too many to calculate.. but wat I get is my sony ericson handphone, facial facial… as well having a Sprit handbag …hahaha.. as well as many other things as well kua.. which has been not much a success of getting purchasing something expensive this year.

So, wats my aim next year??
1. Something money cant buy
2. Watch concert ( Wai Lan, Leo Ku, or someone I think is worth)
3. A 5 MP Handphone or Apple I-Pod
4. A local travel ( langkawi, Melaka)
5. Save more $$$$$ since eco not very good … haiz

Spemd wisely next year!!! Yeah… and earn more$$$

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