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Friday, December 19, 2008


At last I got wat I want … hahha… I been searching very long for the drama and the CNY song.. hehe.. at last I managed to buy them.. at last from Mid Valley. Though it is kinda expensive but I got them as well. I had always want to collect all Leon Lai drama.. and at last I managed to get them.. yesterday night when I was in Mid Valley and the gardens shopping.

The Gardens security guard damn goodness.. I mistakenly drop my money and I walked about a few metres away and I realized I dropped a few ringgit on the floor… and he picked up.. he din even return me the money and I was about to walk and get it .. he get them and looking at me with thedamn fierce face.. Gosh.. he is terrible.. Management , u should teach your staff.. He picked up the money and put them in the pocket.. gosh and he stared at u fiercely.. and I jus walked away.. Gosh.. a highclass mall with this type of service..

Then headed to Mid Valley and bought socks and CNY song- by 8TV.. and when jalan.. let me spotted a long time want drama – class of distinction.. and make me de whole nite very happy. My xmas gift to my self .. hhahahha.. and get to makan my chicken rice after yawning for that for the whole day.

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