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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back to Penang (8th -9th December 2008)

Wake up kinda late.. very nice sleep.. ended up din manage to go back and taste my favorite curry mee.. but went to Chulia street to take chicken rice.. a shop next to one of the famous chicken rice in Penang.

Thsis shop is kinda new but the chicken rice is really nice and oishi. The chicken was well being cooked and is smooth. I love it so much with the chilly sauce on it… emmmm… oishi oishi.. don know if there is any nice chicken rice shop in KL and don see any nice chicken rice stall in KL lo.. haiz… all also expensive one? Is dere any to recommend for KL newbies? Haha…

After eat, went to Gurney plaza a while to pay some bills and walk walk walk.. after jalan a while thinking of getting a sport shoe but fail.. I then ended up in PC fair again… haiz.. is damn cramp dere.. and I am keep imagine.. if there is big fire … all of us will become roast pig… yummy roast pig then.. hahaha.. is seems like the maintenance and the planner din think of the situation and the if else if there is a fire… haiz… I manage to do my celcom broadband .. haha.. and bought a hard drive.. jus the casing will change when I see any nice then only buy lo.. wahahahhaha…

Then @ nite, when to queensbay mall for a long shopping spree.. wahahha.. din buy much and we had this oishi Kenny rogers . Oishi desu.. oishi oishi ano Kenny rogers desu.. haha.. and den went to develop de pictures lo and go home sleep.. wahahhahaha..

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