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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Aeroline Services..

Taking Aeroline to KL and this bus is named as so.. as the service is like aeroplane.. hahhaa.. this is my first time taking this bus.. and the service is really very good. I love the service very well.. most off all de bus din stop many times.. as well as it provide me with small pillow as well as blanket if u are asking… they pickup in 2 place which is not crowded which is in Queensbay mall and destination are mostly in malls.

They served Ayamas Chicken rice during the way as well as a cup of coffee/ milo or tea up to your choice… most important they have plugs for me to charge my laptop if I am using dem.. haha.. but I din use it as well.

Overall the service is 5/5 and very punctual. Recommended.

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