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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

KL LIfe Month 1

Oops eventually is one month in KL.. so now I am on my track to work and go about.. I had got my touch and go card.. so I can TOUCH and then GO.. to LRT, KTM this and that… em.. back to Pg 5 days but like 2 days only.. is kinda hectic life in Pg cause meeting frens, do this, do tat… and this and tat…

1 month eventually pass.. and now is time fr me to pay my high dept of credit card bills.. cause fr last month I use my credit card a lot to buy my using appliances like bed and all .. and this month I will have tight pockets and need to strive.. wif not much food.. cut down on tel bills.. and buying unnecessary stuff including CNY clothes.. no more. … I am going to buy .. wait till after CNY where get my ang pau… only den will c me buy… wahahhaha.

I will be only back this month during CNY and that’s all .. no more trips to Penang this month once only .. cause u know de ticket is getting expensive lol.. but petrol is getting cheaper.. huh?? so .. now I will start to stay here kuai kuai.. hahahahhahahaha… and trying to figure makan budget and all budget fr JAN 2009.

Any ideas to countdown on budgets.. Here I goes- transportation will be about 150, it cant be cut di.. house rent- 230 so no more cut.. and that comes to 380 which is fix.. so I will be having lunch and breakfast fr the price of RM 2 daily fr working days.. so will be about RM 40 fr 20 days.. isn’t dat save. That’s up to 420.. and at nite will be approximately RM 10. Is there any cheaper? I am trying to cut the night makan ? Maggi mee? or wat? so will try to figure my night makan… dinner!!!! and will have good food on Sat and Sunday only .. and den buy a cross stich fr RM 100 and stay home every weekend to complete. so I can cut on kai kai money d. so if one week I cut RM 50 fr shopping so 1 month will cut 400 so plus minus I pay fr the cross stich I still save RM 300.. I think my life will be dis fr one month . then I can save about RM 400 this month.. if my calculation is correct lol..

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