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Monday, December 15, 2008

KL Life 2nd Week

is coming to second week to KL.. unspoken.. i back pg last week.. will blog soon on my Pg visit back la.. this week in KL seems a bit fast to past.. maybe MOnday and Thurs is a holiday.. haha.. so i was in de office de whole day till back..

i am trying my best to get used to KL life.. but look like i am right now in de big city.. walking with high heels..and wake up early to work and back home kinda late.. a very good announcement is i am comin back Pg soon but is not perm keh.. i am back for 5 days trip down to Penang for xmas…

Monday.. a reach back ome kinda late with the big back that had stiff my back bone.. and not manage to snap some pic of KLCC.. mus do it when i have time during xmas.. hhaha.. den back home and sleep.. usual me had get to work again and as usual work is by 9 - 6 where me will reach bout 8 am.. and thursday a day i can sleep more and wake up bit late..haha

REcently, KL had been having very banyak rain which i can say ..is really har see wa.. haha. so yest configuring my line on my laptop and format my laptop.. now my msn gone.. need to reconfigure again.. haiz.. and had complete my hse work- cuci baju and all…. haiz. like see lai d.. wahahhaha.. is maybe a trainin how to be ppl wife.. hahah.. but don have anyone wan yet la.. haiz…

today still de same wif same old work in office only lo……………. haha. dats a week in kl d.

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