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Monday, December 08, 2008

Thursday ( 2nd last day in Penang)

Is my last day work in Dell and work today is not hectic but is more to leading the newbies Aaron on the billing on few countries.. is pity that the billing on India is not here yet and therefore work is not that hectic.. and for me.. i started to miss my collegues as well as frens in Penang as will be leaving tomoro to KL.
Today my day in the office is kinda easy to past ... and everything is really a smooth going ... oh ya.. is nice to get a give from them.. and is a jewellery box. Is kinda nice. I love them as well. Thanks for the gift ya. Much appreciated. J thanks to all the vendor and DHL people can bare with me on the billing as well. Hehe... Thanks a lot to Ai Sim cause always need her help in billing... wah a lot of thanks and thanks to all my collegue and manager who give me great support in the work that i have been doing..

Took several pictures with FSP team as well as my team. Everything is real great .. J and things is real nice. After work, i went to my usual place of jalan which is Gurney Plaza,, and is real nice.. to have makan.I met wei Leng and manage to snap a pic

I went to have the Chicken Rice Shop with Xiang Yee and is real nice this time.. yummy yummy. The set cames with a rice, chicken, a taugeh as well as a cup of drinks.. after makan we proceed to the auditorium and see Lin Yu Chung performance and the album promo in penang.

It is seems differents from the first time i see him and now.. seems like he lost some weight. Overall his performance was great .. but for me, i just don really like the DJ that day .. not really good.. hehe..

Yu Chung was real great in the performance and i love it very much. He sang bout 3 songs that day and it is all nice song.

Nice nice song- yuan yuan.. and many more.. nice nice song which i can say the performance is nice and is a succesful. Thats my last night in Penang!!!

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The Malaysian Explorer said...

looks like you had some fun time there. I'm sure you'll do well anywhere!

The Malaysian Explorer