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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I am still in de dilemma of thinking wats best for me.. last weekend indeed a terrible weekend but very happy on one thing which is Gary won de awards. Xia yoh Gary … em.. last weekend, OMG a sick weekend.. had been sick for nearly 2 weeks .. gosh .. that’s de worst of all… is ON and oFF.. u know big factory aircond is always cold and I think I had always fully covered my self wif jacket but still the coldness and the shivering of the factory..

I had a new project on now.. doing cross stich and have 4-6 cards to do.. perhaps I can turn them into business huh?? Mayb I can … I am now doing a cross stich on faces.. and next card will be projecting on bday card, chong chau jit card, and 3 more specially made cards.. and also many other things as well.. too many in my list .. perhaps after getting the ingridients, I will be hiding my self at home .. to kau dim all the designs and all.. haha.. will it be a spcial things to keep me busy not thinking on something that I shouldn be thinking

Other is to save money for my trip to KL.. cant wait to meet long time no c frens.. Ban Hock Howe, Sin and more.. we going meet again .. haha.. hopefully guan able to come lo..

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