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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A tired week...

A tired weekend.. it seems I din update my blog for days.. em.. is because is not I have nothing to write but I am in KL this week.. to settle my sis university stuff.. The journey sitting in a car more than 10 hours for through and flow from Pg to KL is real tiring.. em.. getting turn into wrong route … oh gosh.. and asking around.. haha.. that’s most of the time I do.. Lucky me.. able to find my way to my bro place at last. I reached there as well.. but don ask me where I been.. shoppin and more.. I think I do that this time.. is such a rush.. and I dono much route in driving so need to wait fr my bro.. haha. So, in de first day, just stay at home.. and just exploring the town dere. Sg Long is the place we stay.. to go down t town, it take us more than an hour.. can u imagine that.. gosh.. is wif out traffic jam. Haiz.. Lucky have a laptop but no internet access so can play games.. haha.. will review the game I play later lo.. haha.. and get a good news. My best frens can convo this year fr his master.. Congrats Guan, at last u convo ur master!!

So, just stay I Sg Long on Sat .. and the next day when to Uni to settled all the stupid irrelevant procedures.. haiz.. lucky can settled them…if not I also don know how.. I just know is very ma fan.. haiz.. After that, went to Sg Wang fr shopping .. and makan.. Makan dere is so so lo.. we went to the food court .. the food is ok nia lo. Then headed fr shopping.. wanted to buy some shirt and dress.. but don have much I love .. so din grab.. but jus grab a bright yellow bag.. I am now crazy on bags as well as baju. After that I went to watch de 8TV stars promo.. no GArY .. haiz… den I went to Pavillion fr JCo.. and then have a look there.. gosh the things are all branded.. is expensive. Oh.. din grab much.. just eat Jco, and John King egg tart and buy 3 pairs of earing.. keke

Next day back to Penang lo,,Went to Ipoh a while fr makan.. that’s all.. haha.. and at night went to Queensbay to pay my telephone bills and makan @ the Old Town Coffeshop at Basement of Queensbay Mall

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