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Friday, July 11, 2008

Another week..

A cold Friday.. It comes again another week.. and have a holiday and weekend again. I haven stay in Penang for two weeks in Penang .. and tomoro is a must to stay in Penang… and enjoy my shopping life in Penang .. though many say KL is a shopping paradise.. but I always cant get wat I want in KL.. need to come back Pg to look fr it.haiz.. pity me.. today is another day.. break my record.. 3 weeks + din go gurney.. is a record.. Iooks like is hardly see me in GP now.. haha.. is not I don wan to go.. is I have no time 2 go.. wah.. so busy huh.. Strawberry Gal .. hehe… the first week is laptop week.. and drolling in Midlands .. now I am nearly hang up wif the working life in Dell and after finish work I will stay in front on my PC reading mails.. my mail box is always a problem.. dono why.. I have been shifting email mail box,,, and my usual account cant log in .. wats dat?? Many contact lost di… thank good ness have friendster as well as facebook keeping me in touch wif all my frens.. frens.. I need u guys email.. my mailboz gila di.. so I change mailboz.. pamelayeoh@yahoo.com.. Can get me here la.. dono wat happen to d old one.. I lost all my mails.. haiz..

Today lunch went out to have them wif HP @ SR ..kinda nice.. thanks HP fr a lovely lunch.. next time my turn ya.. Need to fix sometime to meet my frens di.. long time din c dem.. oh ya.. tday Michael Liu bday .. happy birthday fren,, hope u have an enjoyable bday ya … and next week will be chun and wooi.. my two beloved uni frens and coursemate.. happy bday both of u … hope can meet u guys ,, when free let me know ya..

Oh ya.. my holiday wat I do. .. still thinking.. sat have appointment wif pg frens fr jalan jalan.. and Sunday unsure yet .. at night mer watch TVB drama lo.. wat else.. haha.. Hopefully have an enjoyable one la.. and perhaps life is better… em.. ya.. some frens ask me bout my work.. hehe.. sorry ya frens.. now my working place do not have access on personal email mail boz… so a bit slow replying u guys emails and message on frenster and all.. em.. working in here.. wat can I say.. is fun.. collegues are nice as well I can learn a lot of things from them.. They are also very good listener as well as teacher.. that’s why I can pick up quite ok.. not say fast la.. I am not really fast learner ma.. so they really guide me well.. and work is fun. Can learn about so so many things .. and is kinda interesting.. I love the job as well :P that’s the most important things kua..


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