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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Oh gosh.. I am getting fat now a days .. I also dono wat I eat .. and makan till fat .. haiz.. food.. why so fast can get fat ooo…… need to diet di.. now is time to replan my food list.. will it work? Eee.. dono le.. I jus know I am in KL I eat non-stop.. especially donut.. I am really donut crazy in kl.. whenever I saw donut shop will go in and buy them.. oishi oishi.. now see de effect.. so now is doing my dieting plan keep me back on track

Ok.. wat is my yummy food plan

Morning- Spirulina and coffee

Lunch- normal lunch

Dinner- skip and a bottle of Vitagen

Night- No more makan after 8 pm

That’s my schedule for a month … see if it works not ..haha

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