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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Sick.. too much durian perhaps.. bt getting better now.. after an 8 hour sleep. Yesterday, was listening to my cds again.. de cd tat I supposed to send him but u din do that.. so just kept in my drawer collection .. The songs all is about bitterness of the HURT u felt after a breakup and how the pain is .. Though is getting so long .. and though I said that I had given up .. but when I listen back to the songs.. it reminds me the pain and sorrows that I feel…

Because of these song ( Xi shou ge ( NIcTeo)), it reminds me every moment, the moment where I fall in love ( wu ge zhiu yau – Pin Kuan), and how the sweetness of love – every time u sms me though is disturbing my sleep but I don mind ( ai ni- cyndi) .. and reminds me on the times we been through when we are frens.. though is frens but the tenderness tat u give me.. will always in my mind ( mo meng fan dek loh man- leon lai) from dere we had been to de route of changes from frens to lovers and the happy moment ( hao xiang ni- Vivian Hsu) and many songs as well… but all this song .. I think I will never listen again.. cause it always bring me back to many sad memories..

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