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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

sick again

Sick.. sick sick again.. i am sick..but just half past sick.. haha.. means sick then ok.. den sick again ...i am pretty unsure wats wrong wif me.. had been busy all this days .. wif so many things in my mind.. rushing for 4 cards that i haven been doing them till tday .. i think i need to expedite de cards di.. and all other things.. and now sick is mking me more sufffer.. and always having a bad headache now .. i also cant find de answer of why i have all this problems

gosh.. is getting sick is the worst senario... and i suddenly very happy as guan will be coming back after convo.. so we can go kai kai di. Plannin to genting and KL had been confirmed after a few days after his convo and my bday ..will this year i have a memorable bday?? i am still in de dilema and asking my self d questions that i think i am.. kua.. cause b4my bday .. i hope can see gary yap at the 8TV Summer live concert.. pity this year no chang dong liang .. oh ya. i am pretty enjoying watching nicholas concert.. de concert dvd is out .. and i grab dem straight away wifout hesitate,, though been to the concert.. i still love to buy one but it is a pity it missed a few songs .. not really complete .. haiz.. but is real nice.

next, last week went out wif Irene and HP .. bought the gift fr him and HIM .. but still not wrap.. and will continue wif my big project.. since it is not out yet.. keep dem as a secret first ..hehe..

thats last weekend ... which is doing my big project + watching drama series

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