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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sunday Nandos Crazy

Last Sunday, was thinking of makan nandos for nearly 1 week and at last had made my choice for Nandos J.. and we went to the one in Gurney Plaza. I had been a few time GP new wings but din really taste all the food in there.. and now I got the chance to taste the yummy food at GP. Nandos.. has been one of the HIT stall in GP where u need to have a long line up for food there.. I also don understand why is it so so so laku…and me.. went there as early as 11 am just to avoid the high volume in the store.

I reach there as early as 11 am.. and have some walk around the new wing but due to the dust particles, I stop walking on the new wing and turn my way back to the old wings. About 11.30 I back to the new wings and get my choice of Nandos. ..Gosh is really yummy ooooo..it has been so long I haven took nandos di.

Lets see what I ordered… Quarter chicken with 2 sidelines ( peri potato chips and coselaw) and a cup of hot tea. Not saying on the food… as u know all franchise taste is similar.. but it served hot as well as the service is real fast. We do not need to wait for a very very long time for the food.. and it served real fast.

Next HP ordered the yummy food which is the half chicken and he get a free drinks as we had the coupon on this. So, his is hot peri.. is it very HOT??

Overall the bill comes about RM50.. and is yummy. Thanks fr the treat fren. After that, we jalan jalan @ GP and took some pictures with the big Christmas tree which high up to 3 storey high. And the tree is nice nice as well .. haha.. J

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