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Monday, November 10, 2008

10 November- a note..

Work in office is not hectic like the last 2 weeks .. that one is terrible.. now is kinda relaxing.. Time in office is past not that fast .. and have time to enjoy my 1 hour break.. haha. Today, I had been receiving sms and mails from frens invitation to go out and meet.. cause another 2 weeks I will be KL lang d. So, how would it be? To Be a KL lang? wakakaka.. don think l like b KL lang .. be Pg Lang also very good .. cause I never get hungry as is a heaven of food.. but being me.. not much to eat person.. is np la… to b in KL .. actually I dono I categorize as KL or Selangor.. apa pun taka pa la.. haha..

Will have a drink wif Alpine frens.. but missing 4 frens dis time.. Mei Hwa in Singapore, chun too late to come, Sin in Johor and lastly no answer yet- Anson (hope he can make it) … since haven meet him fr a long time d. Chun will be meeting the next week after this .. and then will have karaoke at Redbox on Saturday wif both my good frens – Anna and Irene. Besides, will meet my classmates – it has been ages haven meet them.. and many more.. it seems like now time not enough to meet all.. weekdays den.. will be XYing and XYee and some other frens … I think not enough days for me to meet all. Will meet Wan Fair and Kai Siang as well..long time no meet .. somemore who le.. I think need to list up my calendar… wif all the appointment d. .. not miss out will be Agilent frens .. haha..

Today, snap a picture wif Aw, … will post up once I am able to Bluetooth to my PC. Haha .. I am kinda lazy in doing the bluetoothing … haha … so mostly will Bluetooth once I have many in my camera. Haha.. that’s lazy ppl attitude.. My mind is drollin now…..is makan and want to go to de new phrase of GP.. GP GP when u open?? Haha… Siao di.. wakakakka..

Oh ya.. at last I am 80 % recovered from flu and over the weekend I make another hand made card fr Gary.. he had a cough so make dis card fr him.. recover soon ya, Gary..haha.. me now siao siao d… hope my dreams and wishes come true ya..

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