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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Gurney Opening… wakkaka.. today I went to GP, for karaoke and .. more.. I arrived kinda early about 10.10 in GP and ended up walk walk look look on de new Gurney Plaza wing.. is really beautiful and a lot of people is walking along at the new wings.. wat u can find.. is a big Christmas tree and many many things like new stores “Dell Outlet” is finally in Penang.. and they have Elements, and Hot Elements and many more…

Parkson had also extended their shop to bigger one as well,..the shop is real big till I nearly get lost inside.. and many things to c but nothing to buy.. haha .. ask me to buy things is kinda hard now..

We went to red box.. and it seems like we had never been dere fr a long time.. we have stacks of song to sing from new songs to old song… and many as well.. Leon Lai, Gary Yap, Nicholas Teo, Lin Yu Chung, Pin Kuan, Kwang Liang, Sam Lee, 5566 and more and more.. many old and new songs we sang that day.. The set is minimum is RM 16 which comes with a dessert, a cup of drink and a main dish… Me and Irene ordered is Ham Yu chau Fan ( fried Rice with Salted Fish) and it comes with a “ oh Kor Moay” and an ice lemon tea. Anna ordered a Thai chicken set which comes with the same dessert and drinks..overall de food is not bad.. but according to Irene, the “Or Kor Moay” is not that nice. For me, I jus have the Ham Yu chau Fan ( fried Rice with Salted Fish) which is not bad. J The taste of this food in red box is not bad la.. The flavors is very nice as well one.. oishi oishi one.. After the two hours karaoke, we proceed in shopping in the new open mall of Gurney Plaza. When we are walking along.. we are so lucky that we are able to pick up a RM 30 voucher of Parkson. Oh ya, I manage to snap some picture on the mall w

We went to Parkson shopping and I also went to Leonard Drake to redeem the voucher RM 50 for a lip liner which I entitled for a facial last time. I went to redeem the product and chatted with Evelynn a while. Then, we went to jalan jalan at some shops at the old wings- like SNJ, Maggie T and all.. oh ya.. there’s a new Korean brand facial /makeup brands up- the Skin Shop in Gurney Plaza…that’s really make me siao.. tonight we walk everywhere.. complete cover the whole mall d. from up to bottom … and de worst thing is wif the rm 30 we dono wat to buy and tats the worst part of all and we are walking up and down. Can u imagine??? At last, I bought a tumbler, Irene get a calculator and Anna get stationeries.. and then we went to Popular and get some papers and cards.. as well as in de Maggie-T. Feeling leg pain.. we ended in Sushi King as this shop we no need to queue so long like Nandos and Sakae..so we ended there and we ordered kinda a lot of yummy food.. like wat … em.. oishi osihi sushi and piri- piri chicken which is very oishi le. I love it so much.. and we chatted there and makan makan.. all round bill is about RM 50 for 3 of us. The food is kinda fresh and the service is good… and choices of the food on the tray was various as well.. I love it so so much where the service good.. food is yummy.. oishi oishi desu.. comparable to the Queensbay Mall Sushi,.. is really incomparable.. Sushi in Qbay is not fresh at all.. never ever go in again.. Recommended!!! Sushi King Gurney Plaza

We met Belinda’s bro as well dere and met Lai Heng in the mall at the House of Notebook. Hehhe. Oh ya, we are in Gurney Plaza for nearly 6-7 hours.. break my record.
After that, Anna went to buy some food back for her parents and me and Irene walk back to Midlands to catch a bus. I managed to catch the bus and went to prangin mall to change bus back home.. at the end, I took de bus to Qbay… and meet XY and sis. We makan at MCD and sit down chat as well as I went up to buy a set of benang to do my new cross stich set.

Haha.. dono when can complete as the size is real big this time.. imagine how long I need to kau dim dis. And back home @ 10 pm ++ and then online …. A while.. and only zzz.

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