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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Half month to KL

Days pass very fast 15 days .. means another half month to go to KL..yesterday I dreamt again.. dono is consider sweet bo or how? Weirdo… dreams.. haha.. em.. today, I received a message .. from ??? .. haha.. at last .. kinda happy to have his message. I was drilling all de way and preparing myself to KL.. but my mind is thinking.. on how is it going to be wif my life dere… is it I think too much??

Oh ya, is Thursday again and everyone now is lookin fwd to weekend.. me too… today office is cold and quiet.. and everything looks fine.. but me.. caught flu again.. lucky is flu not cough.. or others.. I am still ok.. but just sneezing all de way.. recovering soon.. poor me.. haha.. I had ask around de PJ routes.. am now I need to ask all de KL lang .. Petaling @ putra line means PJ ka or Petaling Street?? Kinda confused with this.. I hope I can get a day b4 work to explore on how to go to kerja and back.. with that I am save.. and need to search the rooms around PJ is better.. that’s maybe a plan now.. wat need to do in KL fr December… listed in my TO DO list

Wondering when is PC fair. I am in dilemma to buy a 160 G or 250 G hard drive to put in all de games and everything.. now very sien.. I hope can get more things to do.. now in doing Christmas card and cross stich.. next will be?? Dono liao.. I am planning to come out wif more special things out of my mind.. will dere b.. is now a hit of Mario.. and I did get one fr collection as well.. I think I will get mini ones as now my room is full of soft toys and I need to get a box to accommodate all de little cuties.. haha .. my hand is so painful tday .. dono wats wrong and eyes is now wanna close d. mata tak boleh terbeliak besar.. OMG.. itu will case besar d.. if mata cant open…….. wakaka .. I am now getting hungry.. mind thinking wanna makan kim gary or MAX.. later evening c how and wat I want to makan .. ;p.. and comes makan time :P

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