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Monday, November 10, 2008

A week pass

Ooppsss.. another week pass.. its going to be nearer I am going to KL.. Today, back to work.. though many work and dispute had been complete but there are much to go still … but time would not be so pack.. waiting for my new replacement if there is before I leave. My plans is much pack now as time is no enough..Lin Yu Chung will be in Penang again.. haha.. and I can catch him before I down to KL.. wanna go and catch a glimpse of him. Haha..

I am thinking to do another cross stich in KL as it will make me save more when I have the thinking to complete the cross stich. .. it means I won go out liao lo.. so din go out kai kai means no more spending a lot of money lo.. my concept of not spending money.. haha.. besides blogging … I am now in de move of start of doing cards again.. and is Christmas card.. but just do only a few. Maybe 1-3 cards if I have time.. I have moving on the first card .. but looks like is not that easy. Jus not much idea now… or maybe the Christmas decoration is not fully can be found in stores yet.. after Christmas will be birthday as well as CNY card again.. many cards to do in this 3 -4 months.. and is really make me busy.. as well as figuring wats the latest stuff to do and gift to buy..

Hearing a song by Nicholas Teo.. ONLY One .. make me think .. many things in life.. happy and sad things happening …. Actually is happy la.. but turns to not happy lo.. so .. lets see.. this song is dedicated to someone special but now is no longer special liao… so this song will make me think of him.. and secondly .. is reminds me the cute dong liang on the stage in his “FROM NOW ON” concert in March this year. .. wosh** it seems like 7-8 months d.. since I been to his concert. .. and thinking back is I been to so so many places this year.. but in Malaysia la.. . haha.. flying from Nicholas concert “ From Now On” in March den Sabah .. Perak… den comes KL and then Melaka and KL .. KL and then becoming half KL Lang.. haha..

Oh ya.. will have gathering wif Alpine team frens, CPT class mates this week.. any more? Dono also.. know a lot of things to do … hahha… hoping that before I go KL .. Gary can come to Penang la.. ahaahaha..

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