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Monday, November 10, 2008

sorry.. will it be a miracle??

Haven been so long I met you.. perhaps I don have the “ courage” to see you again.. but tday .. I think of many things in life.. I realized that life is short and we do need to appreciate each of everything in our life.. Do you? Haltered and love is no longer an important object in my life.. why I say is an object as we have a think of wans and desire… Life is jus a route that we need to walk through.. I dono .. if our life is so so long about 100 years old .. and we want to waste our life to hate a person in our life not .. thinking back a lot of things … in this 2 days .. had make me understand a thing .. on life

Who are able to tell wats happen tomoro or maybe a few years down the road.. our life is very fragile… today I c u ..tomoro I don.. or perhaps is a reverse in our life. I can say I might be happily living today but it can be ended up in the coffin tomoro. Isnt that so…?? Who knows wat will happen de next minutes of life.. if coz, we have planning in life, who we wanna be? Wat we wanna archieved? And this and tat? Is good to have planning but we do need to treasure everything in life… friendships, love and all about …

It has been 2 years d.. we haven meet .. but wat happen in the past, just let it pass… I know is hard to forget … and is hard to give up.. me as well.. but I understand wat life is.. from that moment.. sometimes life can be so fragile.. and I don hope de next minute I laid in the coffin, I will regret that … I had lost a fren, a sincere fren that I had known for nearly 4 -5 years… I don wan to have that regret of losing a fren because of some problems.. Most important is happiness.. in my life now

Hoping fr this miracle to happen… will it ??

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