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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday Blues…

Last Monday the new boy had come to work and knowledge transfer of my work will be start today .. and my days will become busier wil it be? Today the official teaching begins … wakakakakaka.. and me will be busy liao kua… and work is getting more easier for me as I need to pass the knowledge to him. The another thing is Junee and Jon as well Jing Zi and all will be meeting tonight and venue change to Swenson. .. For me I din take much except for the big big ice cream that’s killing me.. with the extremely creamy and milky smell.. gosh.. I am not a milk lover and it makes me really hardly finish the ice cream.. is pity Sin, Chun and Anson unable to make them up.. but Chun will meet her on Friday.

Cheese Cake is here but bit late after the heavy rain .. in Bayan Lepas about 9 pm. We reach there and the rains begins to stop.. Lets see what we did and do.. there .. haha… we chatted for nearly 2 hour plus and Raymond was there as well working as well.. and we manage to catch him up in the shop.. hahha.. Next, we see wat we order fr makan, Jing Zhi and her bf ordered a hot tea, while Jon ordered a BBQ chicken where it half BBQ chicken which looks extremely delicious.. I love it. J but I am totally full. Junnee ordered another set of chicken set with Thai Sauce which HP ordered the last time I went to Swenson. The taste is kinda good but if taste too much then it will be a bit scary.. I am ordering my favorite which is the Hazelnut Ice Cream.. but is too creamy and milky which I don really love them. As for Cheese Cake, he ordered fries and Calmari Rings .. the fries is nice.. cause its not like the one in MCD but it is sliced potato in the kitchen and taken to fried.. so u can taste the potato taste more.. and is more oishi… ;)

- Hazelnut Ice Cream-

- BBQ Chicken and the Thai Chicken-

- Calamari-

- Fries-

We chat on our recent activities as well as Jing Zhi trip to Taiwan and impact of economy in our work.. gosh… all growing up…and topics had changed from studies to working life.. Hope that, everyone life is good… and nice..
Oh ya, we get the voucher of RM 130 since we eat RM 130 this time.. and this voucher can be use only for weekdays… that’s nice.. 50% discounts.. ahahaha…Come next time Swenson!!!

Taste : 4/5
Price : RM 130

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