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Friday, November 14, 2008


Is Friday again.. and a word. TGIF.. haha.. I love Friday … isn’t everyone the same.. today plan to go out had cancel cause I and Jun are sick .. gosh.. me is flu.. haiz.. hate flu… lucky not bird flu… Another 2 weeks to say bye bye Penang.. I am planning to try de new bus.. which is aero line.. It looks like very high class punya bus.. not the normal bus lo.. look very very high class and very convenient.. and heard that the chair is nice and can zzz.. all de way.. haha.. will I ?? I think I will.. now a days .. I am good @ sleeping.. can doze off jus a while.. too tired so… haha

Today had my lunch no longer in canteen… wahahhahaha.. seems very happy w/o canteen food? Wakakaka.. cause I am getting bored with the same old canteen food liao.. I went to long time no go to that place- Chopper Board.. since I had reviewed de food from this shop b4 so won review again lo… I don even snap de pic.. hehe.. cause bz makan lo..wahahahaha.. after that, went to Living Cabin and spotted d Mario.. ..cutie Mario.. but not much attracted me… but I think de mushroom and de dinosaur is.. haha.. today I had get the approval on my leave. Then, will go to KL one day early.. hopfully can get a good time to go down KL.. oh ya.. de website to book ur ticket : https://www.aeroline.com.my/ .. is online based kua. Haven try booking but will look on it.. c if is it convenient as nice as it is advertise bo leh… wakakaa..

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