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Saturday, November 01, 2008

planning a month

ding dong.. one week past ... life is so so so fast to past .. another year.. kinda funny.. last 2 years of yesterday.. is my memorable day.. but is not now.. it has been 2 years and everything has been a history.. now i am counting my days to KL and in this month ... i will make an effort to meet all u guys .. frens.. hope can see u guys and snap more nice pic before i am starting a new life in KL.. haha..

Leaving Dell in one month time.. and seems i had plenty to do.. to clear up from Penang.. not all la of coz.. at least i pack all my things in order ma.. so nonit to say that all my things are luan luan ma.. today i met Xyee and we had pur minum @ the Big Apple Donut.. wondering if GP new wing able to open b4 i go KL bo leh... Time Square Pg need 2 wait a few months more kua.. seems on renovation... me now is makan lah.. u know la.. me PG lang .. need to complete my Penang food menu one le.. ppl come pg also need to have wat to eat in Pg ... me also mus have ma.. wat to eat in Pg b4 learning to go KL be KL lang ma...haha.. isnt that soooo.... haha..

thats should be a must fr me in Penang and another is meet all my dear frens.. Listed.. are who here .. many lo.. best frens and all my childhood frens ++++ many many..

+ CPT frens.. ANNa, Irene, Faz, Sharm, Lingges, Evelyn, Aw, Yin Peng, LHooi, and more more to go... get some day to meet all of you guys
+frens fr AGILENT,
+ frens fr UMS.. yee giap, chun, gatsby.. wan fair, and more...
+frens fr ALPine.. Junee, jon, Raymond, Jing Zhi, Cheese cake .. and more..
+ frens fr outside... haha.. too many to list.. XY, XYi, Valer, Yi Ling, CIndY and more to go.. too much liao.....

tell me when u guys free fr YCha ya... see den guys.. will miz all of you..

FR my KL frens.. see u guys dere.. hope have a great time wif u guys moving fwd.. haha..

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